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Smile Afro Swing Days

25. Oktober 2023 Esther Heissenbuettel

Since the arrival of swingdances in Mozambique we have been researching about African influences into Afro-American dances, and see how we can contribute for better community and bring spirit and the values of dance to all dance lovers. We teach dance and percussion for adults, children, and everyone that is curious about dance, music and learning about African ​culture. Most of our classes are done with live music and singing.

The purpose of our workshops is to share our experiences about Mozambican dance, music, traditional music instruments, languages and the history of the people through dance.

Live Music Workshops • 3 Teachers each Class • 4 Topics • 5 Days of Smile

We are Eugênio Macuvel, Elias & Augusto Manhiça three professional Artists from the Hodi Maputo Afro Swing Cultural Association in Mozambique. We are specialized in Traditional Mozambican Culture, in Afro Swing and Lindy Hop.

Friday (Inkl. für Workshopgäste)

21-01 • Welcome Party

Saturday 28.10. 2023 (4,5 hr Workshops)

13-14:30 • Traditional (Dance)

14:45-16:15 • Afro Swing (Dance)

16:30-18:00 • Special Afro Swing Music (Music Workshop)

Standort: Dehnhaide 22 22081 Hamburg

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